John D. Fisher
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John D. Fisher, Artist

View the art gallery If I weren’t here to write this statement after a lifetime of accumulated work, the evidence would suggest that I am an eclectic sentimentalist, closeted/outed artistic dualist, Christian-Zen/Neo-shamanic believer in art as the breath and breadth of life. I believe, strongly that the Spirit of Life works through artists to present itself to the observant world. Art is the result of the continual expansion of moments of inspiration. I am anti-obsession-with-competition, meritocracy, and social modernism and do not separate art from its context nor compare quality or value when it comes to art. If the art that I do satisfies my needs for creativity and self-expression I can feel good about myself and move on. There are no mistakes in “Art” and “Art” is never complete.

Not in My Name (1996)

I find it a sad reality that humankind (at least that of “Western” persuasion) continues to loose the “so called” battle for dominance over nature and the Spirit of Life. Humankind is constantly reminded of our misunderstandings and social and historical blunders and the artists are here to show us. I try to take part in this existence and express my perspectives through my art. Instead of a need to dominate and manipulate, I believe humans have a need to know and be known, appreciate and be appreciated for what they know, see and feel. To know, be known and appreciated becomes an action and an interaction of and with Art. “Art is the everlasting apocalypse of the love of wisdom.” (Eldon Ray Lucas) This is what I see, feel and know about Art.

Art is the satisfaction of my need to share. Life without sharing is meaningless, leaving no footprint in memory. This world passes through our senses and our cultural filters and artists dare and are equipped to present what they’ve seen or felt or know about the world. The artists interpret and create meaning in our lives. “Reality consists of matter, energy and meaning.” And, “meaning arouses energy.” (David Bohm)

Many of the works in my portfolio show various stages of artistic development and creative exploration. Rarely have I done my artwork with other people’s thoughts or opinions in mind unfiltered by my own. Each of the pieces has its’ own time, space and reality. Almost all the work I present here was completed with a joy and passion only art can create and this is the joy and passion I want to share with others.